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Meet the Font

Font searches excite me. I searched for a typeface that was contemporary but glanced back to classic with characteristics of elegance and yet, friendly. Through multiple searches from many type foundry visits I found Kopius at Adobe fonts. I loved its characteristics with

round, open counters conveying a relaxed ambiance.

The italics in this design exhibit autonomy, showcasing letterforms that diverge

from mere slanted adaptations of the upright font characters. The background

shapes depicted in the graphic above derive from two distinct family members,

namely "Kopius Box Headings" and "Kopius Labels." These members house collections

of robust and rounded forms that seamlessly complement the letterforms found

in the other fonts within the family.

Designed by Sibylle Hagmann. She began her career in Switzerland at the Basel School of Design and explored her passion for anything type related in California, while completing

her MFA at CalArts. Sibylle Hagmann’s work has been featured in numerous publications

and recognized by the Type Directors Club of New York and Japan. Over the years,

she presented her work nationally and internationally at typography conferences

and educational institutions with occasional workshops. She is a professor at

the University of Houston’s School of Art since 2002.

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